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Who jumps first?


Just recently when my Hero has gone into the garden store for something, he’s surprised a small frog who appears to have taken up residence there.  Though I’m as jumpy as they are when close to such things, I was interested to see it and assess the size of the challenge.

Through a window, maybe Winking smile

But by the time I’ve gone for my camera, peered down into that bit of the garden (which is sheltered but always damp, so probably a perfect habitat for our little friend) to try to see him, he’s always disappeared.




This morning, collecting one or two stray bits and pieces which were littering the garden, providing playthings for the five little foxes who come to chase about the place each evening, I trod very carefully down the steps to that area.  I don’t know who needed the surprise least – I had a preference for it not being me.

There, sitting quietly on the step was a small, pale coloured frog.  I stopped, turned around and went inside for my camera but by the time I returned, he’d gone.

Or had he?

I took the photograph above “just in case” and looked a little more closely at the “leaf” on the edge of the pot.





I won’t trouble him if he agrees not to trouble me.  I like what he does in the garden and am happy to entertain him for as many meals as he and his family can eat.

But can we agree boundaries please?

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Welcome, Froggy Thomas, to your new home.

July 19, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMary

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